Trust, Safety & Insurance

Our Commitment To Safety

We want you to move your packages/parcels and make the most out of your time, and be connected to your customers or suppliers at any moment in time . That’s why we are committed to your package safety and assurance, from the creation of new standards to the development of technology with the aim of reducing incidents.

In-App Safety Features

Track your packages in real time. Track your your packages/parcels during delivery, Our App technology helps put peace of mind at your fingertips. Verification codes are automatically generated to Recipients phone number to receive parcels and packages.


 At iFerch, we understand that trust is a key part to every community out there. Without trust, there is no community. Therefore, we have implemented the following rules when it comes to safety and insurance.

First of all, it should be stated that unlike our competitors, drivers go through full background checks with the DVLA.  we do implement fingerprinting for ALL of our drivers, to ensure that drivers with dangerous criminal backgrounds are NOT allowed on the iferch platform!  



Drivers are also expected to have previous experience in the transportation business,

Also, while we take pride in the safety of our drivers, we are aware that women like to feel just a little safer.  Therefore, we have an option to make a particular driver your favorite,

At iFerch, we only want drivers who are professional and serious about driving.  That’s why all drivers are required to carry their own ride-share insurance policy or have Commercial Insurance.  This protects both the rider and the driver in the event of an unexpected accident.

Limitations on Package Contents

Prohibited Items” :

A People (human Beings)

B.     Anything illegal including, without limitation, recreational drugs, and other contraband.

C.   Any Hazardous Waste, defined as a “solid waste” that meets any of the criteria of the hazardous waste as described in 40 C.F.R. § 261.3.

D.  Unset precious stones, industrial diamonds, any article that contains more than fifty percent by weight of gold or platinum or any combination thereof in raw form, including, but not limited to, bullion, bars, or scraps of these metals.

E.  Cremated remains, human remains, fetal remains, human body parts, or components

G.  Firearms or weapons of any kind, any firearm or weapon parts, or ammunition of any kind.

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