Fast, reliable delivery. Anywhere in Accra

Real-time visibility – from estimate to completed delivery.

Flexible delivery choices

Get an estimate and request a delivery for one-hour, same-day or next-day. Deliver all day without restrictions or cutoffs.

Track deliveries in real-time

Query delivery status or monitor progress via webhook. Allow customers to check progress with white-labeled live tracking.

Custom delivery instructions

Use custom templates to provide delivery-specific driver instructions to ensure consistent experiences.

Your partner in integrating on-demand

From discovery to coordinated production tests, we’re here to advise, answer questions and ensure success.

Delivery confirmation and chain of custody

Time and geo-stamped photos at pickup and drop-off, with signature confirmation available on all deliveries.

Easy to use

Our straight-forward API and Wordpress plugin allows you to quickly integrate without dedicating all of your resources to the project.

iFerch drivers provide same day shipping

Request an API key

The iFerch API is available for customers with delivery agreements. If you’re interested in becoming a customer and using the iFerch API to easily create on-demand deliveries, contact our sales team.

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Your business launches buy online, deliver from store from 100% of locations.

The Situation

You need to deliver your products to customers very fast and at different locations

The Challenge

Your business need to have motorcycles and/or vans with riders or drivers in order to meet it delivery targets.

The Solution

Partner with iFerch to do the deliveries for your business. And save money and complex process of managing riders and vehicles.